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教務處 Office of Academic Affairs

Graduate Degree Examination Information

Announcement for Graduate Degree Examination
for the 111th Academic Year, Second Semester

Application Deadline: From the beginning of this semester until June 15th, 2023.

Application Procedure:

1.Please refer to the regulations for CTBC Regulations for Graduate Master's Degree Examinations.

2.Graduate students wishing to apply for the degree examination this semester are required to complete the Master's Degree Examination Application Form and attach the following documents:

  • Transcripts of past academic records (must have completed the required credits or be eligible to complete them during the oral examination period).
  • Declaration of thesis submission.
  • Letter of recommendation from the advisor.
  • Initial draft of the thesis.
  • Proof of conference presentations (presentations must have occurred during the period of enrollment at this institute after formal admission).
  • Students who enrolled after the 107th academic year must provide proof of completion of the Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center program.

Each of the above-listed documents, with the advisor's signature and after departmental verification, should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for further review.

(Please refer to the attached files on the website for the format guidelines for master's degree theses in the Department of Finance and Law.)

3.Payment of Thesis Guidance Fee

In accordance with the institute's regulations on graduate thesis guidance fees, oral examination fees, and related venue expenses, each graduate student is required to pay a thesis guidance fee of 6,000 NTD.

Students applying for the oral examination in the 111-2 semester are requested to transfer the fee to the institute's account by June 10th, 2023. After making the transfer, please provide the last five digits of your account number to the respective department coordinators.

Bank Account - 中國信託商業銀行西台南分行 (Bank Code: 822)(CTBC Bank West Tainan Branch)

Account Name: 中信學校財團法人中信金融管理學院
Account Number: 222-540-582-688

4.Explanation of Thesis Watermark

Graduate Departure Instructions:

Upon completion of the degree examination, graduate students should follow the thesis submission process as outlined by the Chin Shin Institute of Financial Management:

1.After the oral examination, return the oral examination thesis evaluation form and approval letter to the Office of Academic Affairs (both the approval letter and letter of recommendation must be scanned beforehand).

2.Activate your account on the Taiwan Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) Knowledge Service Platform and upload the full electronic version of your thesis.

3.Print the thesis authorization form from the Taiwan ETD Knowledge Service Platform (instructions provided).

(Both the Chin Shin Institute of Financial Management thesis authorization form and the National Library thesis authorization form require signatures from the student and advisor.)

4.After passing the thesis review, prepare three hardbound copies of your thesis (format as per the master's degree thesis format guidelines).

5.Provide one copy of the "Chin Shin Institute of Financial Management Thesis Authorization and Management Form."

6.Complete the departure procedures in sequence by submitting the thesis authorization form and the hardbound thesis copies to the institute's library and the authorization management form to the Office of Academic Affairs.

Note: If you are unable to complete the procedures in person, please visit the Office of Academic Affairs' website to download the authorization form for delegated processing.

**Departure procedures for the first semester must be completed by February 28th, and for the second semester, by August 31st.

(Note: Since the 109th academic year, applications for "Never Publicize" thesis status have been discontinued. Delayed publication is only permitted for reasons related to national security, patent issues, or legal restrictions, and must be accompanied by supporting documents. Apart from these reasons, all the institute's theses are authorized for public access.)