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教務處 Office of Academic Affairs


Registration and Payment Notes for the 1st Semester of the 112th Academic Year at CTBC Business School:

1.Payment period: From August 1st, 112th year to September 18th, 112th year.

2.Please go to the online payment system at https://school.ctbcbank.com/cstu/get_school_list.do and choose 雲嘉南地區】→ 中信金融管理學院】→ Enter your Student ID】→【Verification CodeEnter the last five digits of your ID numberID Number Last 5 Digitsto print the payment slip for payment at any CTBC branch statewide, or make the payment at convenience stores (7-11/FamilyMart/Hi-Life/OK), post office, or other financial institutions (convenience store and post office payment, as well as payment at other financial institutions, may require a handling fee).

3.The online payment system supports credit card payment; use school code8824300518to make the payment by credit card, or call (02) 27608818 for payment by voice.

4.After payment is completed, you can check the payment status online.

5.ATM payments are not subject to the 30,000 NTD limit; please choose Payment/Tax/Payment of Various Fees】→【Payment】→ Bank Code822】→ Payment AccountandPayment Amount.

6.For payment at other financial institutions, please specify the bank name as CTBC Commercial Bank West Tainan Branch, and provide the Payment Accountfor the remittance.